Lil' Keke & The Suffers "Southside 2K Live" - 7" Vinyl Record

Lil' Keke

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 The final piece to the 20th Anniversary of Lil' Keke's "Don't Mess Wit Texas" celebration just didn't make it in 2017, but it's finally here for PRE-ORDER and it's a good one.

Lil' Keke joins forces with The Suffers to record one of Keke's most popular tracks, we're calling this version "Southside 2K Live" colored vinyl 7". The Suffers are one of the worlds greatest modern "Soul" bands fronted by the amazingly talented Kam Franklin and they're from right here in Houston, Texas. You may know The Suffers from their appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman", "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" or maybe you've seen them live at a festival show here in Houston performing as the band "Welcome To Texas" alongside, Lil' Keke, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Bun B and Paul Wall (yeah, it's that band).


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-TRANSPARENT BLUE (Limited Edition 300 1st edition)
-TRANSPARENT GOLD (Limited Edition 300 1st edition)


-Original artwork, layout and graphics by Chris Villareal of SoSouth.
-Photography by Nick Rios
 *Keep in mind 7" vinyl is the smaller record the size used for singles. (7 inches wide as opposed to the standard full-length size that is 12 inches wide)


Lil' Keke for proving again he is "The Don" and a honor to work with. 

The Suffers and their manager Mark for taking us up on the idea and then working like a well oiled machine to knock-out thier part exactly like they said they would. It was a real pleasure to see this come to life. We wish you guys all the best and hope you will remember us when you're headlining the Toyota Center.

Tomas Escalanta from Sig's Lagoon has been a friend to SoSouth for many years (and fellow former Southwest Wholesale employee). He is single handedly responsible for the hook-up that got this thing moving. - If you collect vinyl of any genre visit his store in downtown Houston it's a great hidden treasure.