Dat Boy Grace - From Crumbs To Bricks (CD)

Macc Grace

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This album was released in 2000 on Straight Profit Records after the labels success with Yungstar and before releasing the first of two Z-Ro's albums made for the label. Grace's debut features two tracks with Z-Ro and includes others legends Mr. 3-2, H.A.W.K., AL-D and Big T "from Wanna Be A Baller" fame among others. Grace was known to be a good friends with DJ Screw and an early member of the original S.U.C. In-fact if you ever went to the original Screwed Up Records Shop you would have seen a custom air-brushed Dat Boy Grace T-Shirt mounted to the door of the office.

Charles Grace (Macc Grace aka Dat Boy Grace) passed away a week ago today on August 11th 2017.

SoSouth was honored to work directly for Grace and the Straight Profit record label distributing several titles of his. While still on lock Grace was kind enough to respond to a letter from Randy at SoSouth and mail back a handwritten track list with the missing featuring artist names for the "Crumbs To Bricks" album. The information was omitted from the original artwork. We have enclosed a scan of that letter here.

RIP Macc Grace (condolences to Los, Jacquelene and the rest of the Grace family.)


01 One Hitta Quitta feat. Wood

02 4’s & 3’s feat. Z-Ro / Wood / Tantrum

03 All About Da Green feat. Z-Ro / Lil Flex / Wood / Breeze

04 Get Up On Yo Grind feat. Wood

05 Crumbs To Bricks feat. Big T

06 One Luv Two Thugs feat. Wood

07 Time II Shine feat. Wood / Solo D

08 Ballas & Bustas feat. H.A.W.K. / Wood

09 Third Coast Mob feat. Black One / Wood / Kool-Aid / Los Luchiano

10 Blast Off Like A Rocket feat. Black One / Juvenile D / Wood

11 Slug Shootah feat. Josey

12 Can’t Stop feat. Mr. 3-2 / Trey D / Mel

13 Crack To Dats

14 We Are One feat. Breeze

15 Picture Me Ballin feat. Wood / AL-D

16 Southside So Real feat. One / Shell / Juvenile D

17 Come Ride Wit A Playa feat. Anjoli / Breeze

*Compact Discs are original Straight Profit Records first editions sealed in new condition.