Recording & Photography Studios

SoSouth Studio is the perfect choice for artists looking for the absolute best gear and have privacy while recording. We have 1 control room and 2 booths so basically the studio is all yours. We might be a small studio but we produce the absolute best sound. Studio is located inside the offices of SoSouth Music Distribution, one of the largest distributors in the south. 

Studio Hardware: iMac 27" 2016, UAD Apollo 8P, Avalon 737sp Mic Pre, Manley TNT Mic Pre Tune and Solid, Shadow Hills-Dual Vandergraph Stereo Compressor, Manley Massive Passive EQ

Mics: Manley Reference Gold Tube Mic, AKG C12 VR Tube, Rode K2 Tube, Senheiser 421 ii Dynamic

Software: Protools 12, Waves Gold, Autotune 8, lots more....

Roland Fantom X8 and Roland 8800 available  

Attention! Engineer & Producer rates available call

Studio Etiquette

  1. No Smoking or tobacco use in Building. Use outside rear entrance area to smoke.
  2. No FOOD or Drink in studio area. There is a small break area for use.
  3. We are a small studio, so keep your entourage to a minimum.

All sessions require a Studio approved manager.

Studio Manager will assist with equipment set-up, signal flow, and overall familiarity with studio.